Translation and Interpreting

Expressing the sense of words in another language



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My rates vary depending on the volume, the difficulty, the urgency and the technicality of the documents to translate.


Between 0.09€ and 0.15€ per word. There is a minimum charge of 40€.

Proofreading and correction

Between 0.06€ and 0.10€ per word. There is a minimum charge of 40€.

Very short notice (deadline of less than five days) or weekends: supplement of up to 50% per word, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Change of format (eg from Word to PowerPoint) + 25%.


Each request is individual but as a guide the rates are around 40€ to 60€ per hour with a minimum charge of 60€.

Free estimates

Contact me to obtain a free personalised estimate. You will need to send me the text for a precise quotation, preferably as a Word document.

Payment termsPayment terms

British or French cheques or international bank transfer in Euros only. Payment is required within 15 days of the date of invoice. For translations in excess of 10,000 words, an initial payment of 25% of the estimate will be required.

Security and confidentialitySecurity and confidentiality

My computer is well protected by the most up-to-date commercial packages.
I undertake to respect without fail the confidentiality of any document sent to me for quotation or translation or the content of any act of interpreting.

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